Neglectful Of People Management

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Problem: Managers having a lack of discipline around people management tasks and milestones.

Solution: Introduce automated tracking of key management tasks and milestones.

When managers are overloaded with operational responsibilities it is often their people management duties that take a back seat.

Unfortunately, while this may not have an immediate impact on the manager, in the long-run it can be highly damaging to an organisation.

A culture where missed review meetings, incomplete development plans or unchecked absenteeism problems are the norm, is unlikely to produce a motivated, engaged and productive workforce.

A failure to track key dates can also lead to companies failing to comply with legislative requirements, (e.g. periodic checks on the right to work) or in employees acquiring employment rights by default (e.g. if probationary review periods are not tracked).

Workflow technology properly embedded within a purposeful HR software application can make it easier for managers to do the right things by automatically tracking key tasks and milestones and proactively alerting users when an action is required.

Escalation points can also be built in, so for example, a manager could be emailed to alert them to the end of a Probationary Period two weeks before the relevant date, and if no action has been taken after one week, then the HR Manager and/or senior manager could also be alerted.

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