Managers Unable to Access Basic Team Data

Nick Pye |


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Problem: Managers unable to access basic data for their team.

Solution: Permission-controlled, web-based access from anywhere.

In many organisations, managers have very limited access to information on the employees they are responsible for.

Information is stored in an employee database that quite often only HR can access, and/or in a collection of spreadsheets, Word documents and paper files. This can lead to decisions being based on incomplete information, or delays while managers wait for the HR department to respond to a request.

This creates additional, unnecessary and expensive work within the HR function and leads to line managers becoming frustrated and inefficient.

With web-based HR systems there is no need any more to restrict information to a limited group of HR users.

Subject to suitable controls on what types of information different individuals can see, managers can have instant access to relevant information about their employees with just a few mouse clicks. What is more is that access is possible from wherever that manager happens to be working, and on whatever device they choose, rather than requiring them to be sitting at a particular computer, at a certain desk, in a particular office. Did you find this article useful? Youmanage HR offers software to help you streamline your HR processes and ensure compliance within your company. We also write articles on HR, leadership, employee engagement, health & well-being and much more. Start a free trial of Youmanage, get in touch to ask questions, or check out our blog to help you to deliver HR best practice in your business.

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