Managers Need Helpful Guidance

Nick Pye |


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It's a fact that many managers are promoted into roles without any formal management training.

They are not immediately or miraculously experts in HR processes, they are not experts in management techniques, and they are not experts in employment law; therefore it is not surprising that many feel ill-equipped to do their jobs and either do the wrong things on occasion or abdicate responsibility to HR.

By providing managers with easy access to guidance information on policies, legislation and best practise, in a concise, easy-to-read format, organisations can enable managers to be more confident and more competent.

This will reduce the strain on the central HR function and avoid the costly problems which occur because managers have ignored an issue or started with the wrong approach.

The important thing is that access to the guidance needs to be quickly accessible and easy to digest.

Experience has shown that if managers have to invest considerable time to research an issue then the chances are they won’t bother, simply because their focus must be on their operational repsonsibilities.

So, expecting them to hunt around for a document on an intranet or by ploughing through a 30 page policy document looking for the answer is not going to work.

Appropriate HR software technology needs to be used to deliver highly-targeted information at the right point and at the right time in a manager’s workflow, so that it’s easy-to-access and easy-to-use, resulting in quicker decisions being made and processes being adhered to in a compliant and consistent way.

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