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Recruitment is one of the fastest growing industries out there, with Companies House recording the launch of 5,824 new recruitment businesses in 2017 alone.

In addition, recent research from the Recruitment and Employment Confederation reveals that 67% of UK staffing agencies are forecasting an increase in revenue of 60%, compared to 2017. Great news, right?

Of course, business growth comes with its challenges. How prepared are businesses for the rise in employee data they'll be dealing with on a day-to-day basis, and ensuring policies & procedures are being thoroughly dealt with and documented? Compliance with data protection laws has never been so vital for business, and with expansion as well as the ever-increasing levels of competition, adopting a cloud-based HR system will not only protect your business - but also enhance it.

HR Software minimises time spent on manual tasks

How much time are revenue generating employees losing to manual HR tasks? Prime examples are cumbersome spreadsheets & absences requested via a confusing series of back-and-forth emails between employees and managers.

What impact would saving time have on your business if it was reinvested in revenue generating activities such as driving sales, eliminating inefficiencies and improving customer engagement?

This is what Youmanage HR software brings to recruitment. We will help your key business players save time and maintain focus on what they do best - driving revenue to the business.

HR software supports your compliance efforts

How reliant is your business on archaic methods of storing important data such as excel spreadsheets which hold reels and reels of employee data?

As your business grows, it's essential to consider how you are recording, storing & removing employee data. The more employees you have, the bigger the level of compliance risk when it comes to data protection laws like the GDPR. The penalties of a data breach or inconsistent data retention policy increase the risks for your business tenfold.

At Youmanage, our Data Retention Framework provides you with a means to not only securely store all employee data, but also to schedule it for deletion at the correct times to comply with your own data retention policy. 

HR software gives you a competitive edge

In a competitive market, how important is it that your employees feel valued and supported by the business day-to-day?

Effective Performance Management isn't a once a year event but a continuous process and facilitates in building a high performing culture, where employees work to clearly defined objectives and where the whole organisation is aligned behind a consistent set of goals. This creates an environment of high achievement where top performers become the norm rather than exception.

Youmanage will simplify the administration of review processes and improve the management of employee performance information, allowing you to create a culture of high performance.

HR software supports staff retention

When top performers love their job and actively want to build a future with your company, planning for the future becomes more straightforward.

Youmanage HR increases communication & feedback between employees and managers, uncovering any issues which may cause higher turnover of staff, and providing you with the HR analytics trends you need to address any specific issues moving forward.

How confident are you that your business has simple, streamlined & strong HR processes which support your goals? With growth, common sense dictates technology should take more responsibility off the shoulders of management and allow them to focus their energy on what’s really important.

Did you find this article useful? Youmanage HR offers software that simplifies, streamlines and strengthens your HR processes, while protecting you fully from compliance risk. To find out more, take out a trial or request a short demo of Youmanage today.

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