Automate The Tracking Of Key Management Tasks

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People managers need ready access to upto date information to be naturally effective and to deliver HR and Management processes, compliantly and consistently.

There are a number of ways that all organisations can reduce HR costs, without compromising management standards.

Automate The Tracking Of Key Management Tasks

In many organisations a great deal of HR time is unnecessarily consumed by chasing people managers to find out whether tasks have been completed, or activities carried out, and then producing, and reproducing reports to advise Senior Managers of the status of these activities.

There are a huge number of examples in any organisation where this is true. A classic example is the performance appraisal process; tracking the completion of appraisals and chasing up the return of paper forms can turn into a full-time job for an HR administrator for several weeks of the year.

This is a colossal waste of time, adding minimal or even negative value to the organisation.

It’s very straightforward for any organisation to put in place an online performance appraisal system, which will manage the entire process, end to end.

HR can determine how the review processes are to be carried out. Employees can review, update and complete their objectives online and the system generates a managers support pack with a complete overview of the employee's previous performance measures and outcomes, and can include details of sickness absence, disciplinary outcomes and ad-hoc file notes. The same system will automatically send out reminders of when activities are due to be completed and at the same time give senior managers easy self-service access to status reports.

All of this proactive and timed process automation eliminates the chasing, at the same time as allowing business owners and HR professionals to have an overview of the progress of all activities undertaken, and alongside those that have not yet been started!

This saves considerable administration and frustration time, makes life far easier for managers, and improves the consistency, the clarity, and the transparency of all performance management processes. Did you find this article useful? Youmanage HR offers software to help you streamline your HR processes and ensure compliance within your company. We also write articles on HR, leadership, employee engagement, health & well-being and much more. Start a free trial of Youmanage, get in touch to ask questions, or check out our blog to help you to deliver HR best practice in your business.

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