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Flexible Working Requests Case Management Youmanage

Flexible Working Requests Case Management

As of 30th June, all employers will have a legal obligation to evaluate flexible working requests made by all employees. …

4 years ago

Forbes Catches Up With Youmanage

The author of a Forbes article, and one time a Navy Seal, describes how hierarchy can get in the way of doing what needs to be done as he talks about Chaos, Leadership and Innovation. …

4 years ago
Flexible Working Requests Made Easy Youmanage

Flexible Working Requests Made Easy

From 30th June 2014, all employees with at least 26 weeks continuous service, will have a legal right to make a request for flexible working arrangements to be considered by their employer. …

4 years ago

Accountability? Humbug!

Out with the old, in with the new, but where does Accountability fit? …

4 years ago
Intelligent HR Software by Design Technology

Intelligent HR Software by Design

There are a plethora of HR system providers and from what we’re seeing, SaaS is growing significantly faster than the general HR software market and that’s backed up by IDC and Gartner. …

4 years ago
Maintaining Auditable HR Records Management

Maintaining Auditable HR Records

Maintain auditable records that can be easily accessed when required and by everyone who needs it. …

4 years ago
One System to Support All HR Processes Management

One System to Support All HR Processes

Having multiple systems to support different HR processes, or a mix of systems and paper-based processes, is one way to really push up the cost of HR administration and will frustrate people managers. …

4 years ago
Reduce Management Training Costs Management

Reduce Management Training Costs

Organisations can reduce classroom-based management training costs by publishing training content to managers on-the-job, delivering it to them as and when they require it. …

4 years ago
Managers Need Helpful Guidance Management

Managers Need Helpful Guidance

Give managers on-the-job access to helpful guidance information and everything they might need to be effective in carrying out their day to day management and HR responsibilities. …

4 years ago
As A Result of People Doing Their Job Management

As A Result of People Doing Their Job

Capturing all employee information, and in a re-usable format, should be as an automatic by-product of people doing their jobs. …

4 years ago