Youmanage Wins Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards

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FinancesOnline identifies the high capabilities of the Youmanage HR system, allowing for customisation and a modular structure to suit your business needs.

"Storing information, analyzing employee metrics and performance, and generating custom reports automatically using employee data are a walk in the park with Youmanage."

The review explains the ways in which Youmanage is both highly functional and simultaneously easy to use, allowing your business to reach its full potential in terms of empowering managers and employees alike.

"Youmanage is developed based on HR best practices and the expertise and experience of HR managers. It is built with an intuitive user interface that helps guides HR department heads, people managers, and other HR professionals throughout the entire journey of their employees, from day one to post employment transactions."

The review notes the impressive functionality of the HRIS, with a vast number of features and flexibility which allows users to customise the system to fit their business needs. 'Powerful' as the software is, it is also easy to use - our aim is to provide HR software which has high capabilities at an accessible price, whilst also remaining simple for users to navigate around.

"This powerful online HR software is created to specifically address the needs of HR departments and people managers, enabling them fully perform their functions efficiently and effectively."

About the Awards

The 2017 Great User Experience awarded for best human resources management software is given by FinancesOnline to business solutions that exemplify positive user experience. The B2B software review site found our UI and feature set easy to learn and navigate. The review team also mentioned their smooth onboarding experience with our support.

On the other hand, the 2017 Rising Star Award is granted to us for adding value to the HRM category with our reliable and useful features. The review experts said that Youmanage isn’t just another HR solution, but an innovative one that pushes the envelope of this industry. Corroborating their conclusion on us, they included us as one of the leading HR management software solutions. The article considered Youmanage as one of the top options when looking for an intuitive HR management software.

We appreciate that FinancesOnline has taken the time to review our great product, and we look forward to more similar reviews in the future.

For more information about the configurable Youmanage framework and HR software platform, please request a free online demo or take out a 30-day free trial.

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