White Paper: How HR Can Reduce its Paper Use

Craig Hynd |


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In our digital world, you might think your business is more environmentally-friendly than ever before.

You may, therefore, be surprised to learn that every person in the UK consumes 4.48 trees per year. And with over 66 million people in the UK, that is the equivalent 291 million trees lost every single year.

Paper use contributes more than 7% towards global emissions, which is even higher than aviation emissions. In fact, paper’s impact is greater than waste and landfilling, chemical production, oil and gas production, fuel and power for commercial buildings, and steel, aluminium and iron production combined.

The above figures do not include the effects of deforestation, which contributes an additional 11.3% towards global carbon emissions.

With the current debate around climate change, the carbon footprint of companies is coming under intense scrutiny.

This white paper delves into some fascinating stats around paper use in HR, and gives practical advice on how HR professionals can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of their organisations.

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