What's the difference between T&A Systems and HR Software?

Katie Harrower |


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Quite often, the difference between these two very separate yet very necessary pieces of business software is forgotten.

So what is the true definition and difference between these two types of systems, and how can they be used to best effect in your business, whether it be together (integrated) or otherwise?

What is a T&A system?

Modern Time and Attendance software systems do more than just recording clock-ins and clock-outs and produce a fire register. They track employee movement, breaks, meal times, attendance information and punctuality. More and more, employers are looking to adopt such systems, providing a way in which to adopt a culture of flexible working. Tracking and analysis capabilities give users a clearer understanding of workforce operations and allow you to address any issues with attendance. This can save you a great deal of money throughout the work year.

What is an HR software system?

Human Resources Software is different from Time and Attendance systems in many ways, although they can often be used in conjunction with one another through integration. HR Software allows you not only to track employee absences, but also their performance & development, their wellbeing (through feedback or surveys), any disciplinary or grievance documentation, and also allows HR teams to track recruitment for open job roles, as well as much more. HR Software focuses on answering to the specific needs of an HR team, as well as to the business overall. HR Information Systems should assist in enabling teams to be able to deliver consistent business process and remain compliant, although not all systems do this well, or at all.

Why should I be using them?

Using both HR software and a Time and Attendance system can help to make your business processes extremely powerful. These two different pieces of software can often be integrated to provide you with an all-end solution to your HR and business needs. On the one hand, your HR software system will provide HR teams with the tools they need to succeed, while also empowering employees and helping them to have their voices heard. That cannot be achieved simply with a Time and Attendance system alone, but together with an HR system your reporting on absences and punctuality trends will be stronger than ever, and likely very revealing, allowing you to drive key business decisions around your findings.

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