The Right and Wrong Ways to Manage People With Technology

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As we progress further into the Digital Age, many of us fear that the automation of processes through technology and the movement of HR into the cloud may cause us to lose human relationships.

What we need to realize, though, is that technology is useless unless there are people around to apply it. The outcome of any technology, good or bad, depends entirely on how we use it.

None of us want people management to become systematized, because that’s simply not what it’s about. Employees need to be treated as individuals, and technology-based analytics have the potential to put everyone into clinical boxes. However, thinking of technology in this way leaves us with a pretty bleak outlook on the future of people management.

Fortunately, this outlook does not have to be accurate.

Below, we’ve outlined the right ways to use technology to manage your people, as well as some of the ways it could lead to negative work environments if mishandled:

The Right Ways to Use Technology:

1. Using Technology to Save Time

Cut the hours people spend on paperwork and administrative tasks by employing an HR system. Then, you’ll have more time to invest in employee engagement, which will only become more important as time goes on.

Technology can provide your company with a level of internal organization that gives the HR department the time and resources it needs to identify and eradicate pain points for employees. Instead of paperwork, HR pros can focus on providing management training and helping your business stay compliant with ever-changing employment regulations.

2. Using Technology to Mitigate Risk

No matter where your company is based in the world, you’re probably dealing with constantly evolving employment laws. Such legislation can be tricky in even the best of times.

Some HR tech solutions can provide you with ongoing guidance on process and employee relations to ensure your compliance and protect your company from risk. These same solutions can often help ensure your employees are being treated properly as well.

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