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Logi Analytics, the analytics everywhere company, today announced that Youmanage, a leader in Human Resource (HR) management software, has selected the Logi Info business intelligence platform to provide enhanced reporting, dashboards and analytics. Logi Info will deliver insight into workforce trends, performance benchmarking and track metrics for meeting business targets and objectives.

Managers are demanding greater capabilities in HR analytics to better understand employee performance and set targets. Youmanage’s cloud-based HR service provides all businesses with the tools, information and legislative guidance that managers and HR professionals need to comply with employment law, reduce administration costs and raise employee productivity. Youmanage selected Logi Info to provide a multi-layered reporting framework to its service.

Nick Pye, CEO, Youmanage said: “We had looked at developing the reporting and analytics environment in-house, but estimated that this would take about three years of labour hours to complete. With Logi Info we drastically reduced the time taken to deliver a simple and fast way for all clients to provide relevant and compelling dashboards, reports and analytics to all users.”

Logi Info has provided Youmanage with the capability to combine data and graphical reporting with data security. Users have complete control to select the information needed and can display it as required, with the confidence that only authorised users can access the data. The vast library of standard reports allows users to select from a range of standard templates or create fully-customised versions. Advanced data visualisations, including three-dimensional and dynamic Flash charts such as heat maps, can be created to provide insight into performance metrics, and statistical modelling which brings understanding to trends and targets, allowing managers to make data-driven business decisions.

Simon Ryan, director of EMEA, Logi Analytics said: “Organisations of all sizes are increasingly being asked to deliver flexible reporting and analytics tools to business users. Youmanage is satisfying these demands with the help of Logi Info, giving users full control over how information is presented and ensuring business decisions are driven by real-time, accurate data.”

About Logi Analytics Logi Analytics enables enterprises to make better use of their data by delivering on the promise of analytics everywhere. By providing both a Web-based data discovery solution and a business intelligence platform that can embed analytics within applications, systems and processes, Logi Analytics helps its customers from the C-suite to the factory floor to be more informed, make better decisions and improve corporate performance. With more than 1,400 customers worldwide, Logi Analytics meets the needs of organisations ranging from small businesses to Global 2000 enterprises. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia and has sales and support offices in the U.K. and Europe. Logi Analytics is a privately held, venture-backed firm with investments from Updata Partners, GroTech Ventures, Summit Partners and LLR Partners. For more information, visit

About Youmanage Youmanage is a completely unique online HR software service platform. Built with people managers in mind, Youmanage guides employees, line manager and HR professionals through every step of the employee lifecycle. HR best practice and UK legislation is considered at every stage so an organisation can be confident that it is managing its employees in the best possible way. The intuitive Youmanage interface combines all the tools, information and legislative guidance that a manager or HR user needs, and the business benefits from reduced administration costs and better employee productivity. For more information, check out our product page.

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Nick has more than 25 years of leadership experience, where he has held a variety of executive positions spanning marketing, business development, HR product strategy and has been CEO of Youmanage since 2010. Nick acquired the Youmanage business in 2010 and led the renewed vision and go-to-market definition of the Youmanage platform for its official re-launch in September 2013. With significant and continued product development, he continues to steer Youmanage as an industry leading cloud HR software provider. Work aside, Nick retains his huge enthusiasm for music in both trumpet and bagpipe playing!