Problem: Loss of valuable management intelligence.

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Problem: Loss of valuable management intelligence.

Solution: Automate, capture and store information.

Many smaller organisations store a limited amount of data about employees.

The information that’s most useful to a manager, for example performance against objectives, outstanding development activities, historical absence records, are often not recorded in any systematized way. Most of this information exists at best on paper, or worse in an individual manager’s head.

Huge quantities of valuable intelligence get lost every time an employee changes team or a manager leaves, which can result in problems going undetected or potential opportunities being missed.

Using intelligent HR software systems to support people management processes means that an organisation can build up a much richer view of its employees, because information is captured as a natural by-product of users carrying out their normal management tasks. This information is then available to any user whom it is relevant to (subject to permissions) at any point in the future.

This means that managers can make better-informed decisions about the employees who report to them. It also means that at an organisational level, it is easier to define HR strategies and policies (e.g. in areas such as talent management or absenteeism).

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