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The vast majority of HR software systems fall into two distinct camps. There are those that require you to spend a small fortune in having workflow processes configured for you because they simply don't come as standard. Or others that lack the capability to provide the process automation needed to assist further in streamlining administration to reduce overall costs to serve and an inherent inability to empower people managers and HR professionals.

Youmanage is designed and developed by both HR professionals and HR system development consultants who have implemented HR technology platforms for many years. With the help of both our existing and prospective clients, we continue to extend and create additional standard functionality. Our focus is on providing process driven workflow and full case management capabilities as standard capabbility within the Youmanage framework that is always in line with HR best practice, current employment legislation and ACAS guidelines, where required. eg see news article on Flexible Working Requests.

In this article, we will offer a little insight and give a flavour of the process driven capabilities that our users enjoy by looking at a piece of additional functionality recently developed and made available to all Youmanage clients.

Similar to the existing 'New Starter Checklist' capability within Youmanage, the new 'Record a Leaver' feature can be configured for individual job profiles and the overall functionality has been increased and includes additional configurable email notifications and letter templates, automatically served up to users as they undertake and work through this particular operational process.

A mandatory ‘Send Leaving Letter’ task within the leaver checklist will appear by default but in a similar format to the existing New Starter Checklists, users can add their own tasks that they would want to have carried out, when an employee leaves.

Examples may include:

  • Exit Interview Conducted
  • Organise Leaving Card/Gift
  • Collect Company Equipment
  • Close Down User Accounts

A number of new email templates have been created and can be sent when a leaver is recorded in the system. Just like all other email templates, Youmanage clients can configure the recipients’ lists (To, Cc, Bcc) as well as the content of the emails, as they require.

Clients also have the option to set who and when they would like to be reminded of an employee’s last day in the office is and when the last day of employment is approaching. A drop down option has been added to the Contract Letter Templates, so clients can either use the letters that Youmanage supply as standard, amend them to suit, or set up their own Leaver letter templates. As with the Contract template letters, clients are able to have their template letters selectable from the drop down list, whilst working through the leaver workflow process.

Furthermore, to make the Leaver process more useful, we have enhanced the workflow process, so that users record the main details on the first screen, and then any additional information on the second screen. Once the information has been saved, and as part of standard workflow routine, the user is asked to confirm whether he or she wishes to make the employee a leaver and on acceptance of this, is taken to the new Manage a Departing Employee screen.

The Departing Employee screen presents the user with the details of the employee, including the Leaving Date and they’re asked to record any additional leaving details, the reason for leaving and the information resulting from the exit interview.

We’ve now included a Notes and Documents section, which allows the user to add any additional comments, or scan and upload any associated documents, e.g. Exit Interview form.

And, within the Remaining Holiday Entitlement section, users can also record a ‘Last Day in Office’, if required. Importantly, the user will view the automatically calculated entitlement the employee is due for the period worked in the current year, and what is remaining.

There is also a section called Departing Employee Checklist, which contains the checklist items, previously configured by the user. Within this checklist, there will always be the default option to ‘Produce Leaver Letter’ and after confirming some relevant details, the user chooses the correct letter template from the pre-configured drop down list of available letters.

Once the desired letter template has been chosen, the letter can be edited before being finalised and sent to the employee and a copy of the letter is automatically saved to the employee’s Documents tab as a permanent record.

For more information on this new standard workflow process or to learn more about the configurable Youmanage framework and HR software platform, please request a free online demo or take out a 30-day free trial.

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Nick has more than 25 years of leadership experience, where he has held a variety of executive positions spanning marketing, business development, HR product strategy and has been CEO of Youmanage since 2010. Nick acquired the Youmanage business in 2010 and led the renewed vision and go-to-market definition of the Youmanage platform for its official re-launch in September 2013. With significant and continued product development, he continues to steer Youmanage as an industry leading cloud HR software provider. Work aside, Nick retains his huge enthusiasm for music in both trumpet and bagpipe playing!