Implementing HR Software: What, How, but first - Why?

Katie Harrower |


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Software exists to solve problems.

It exists to make difficult tasks easy, save us time and money and within a business it helps everything run more smoothly.

But so often we receive enquiries from potential Youmanage clients who seem unsure as to why they’re intent on implementing HR software in the first place.

You’ve been asked to source an HR software system. You bang it into a search engine and out pops a number of results. You click one. You go straight to the pricing page. If it fits the bill (no pun intended) then you make an enquiry.

But perhaps we are missing a key step in the journey here – what is the system going to do for you? Does it align with the reasons why you’re looking for an HR system in the first place? Or are the two existing parallel to each other, with absolutely nothing in common?

The needs of your business and the functionality of a piece of software need to go hand in hand – more than that, they need to be one and the same.

Start with your aims – the ‘why’

And let's be clear, we should all start by asking 'WHY' before we do anything else. What are the pain points you need to solve within the business? It might be saving you administration time, cutting costs, providing better employee communication, or recording absences in a more organised manner. Once you understand where your pain points lie, you can start forming some aims based around solving them.

Can it do what I need it to do? – the ‘how’

If you’re looking at a system based solely on price, and it isn’t going to help you solve your aims, you could end up with a costly mismatch that will need to be scrapped within the year. Is the system capable of automating many of the calculations we currently do manually, such as the pro-rating of entitlement for new starter/leavers, or does it pro-rata bank holidays, or automatcially expire any unused carry-over? Will the system hold all your data safely & securely and does the supplier ensure compliance with the GDPR? Choosing a system should mean choosing something that you trust will be able to do what you need it to do in the long-term – there’s no point settling for less.

Finding the right system – the ‘what’

Not every HR system on the market is going to solve your unique business problems – it’s not a one-size-fits-all exercise. Extensive research and comparisons are the best way to see success from your HR software implementation – after weighing up all the options, based on factors such as functionality, price, ease of use, mobile-responsiveness – you can choose the system that fits your requirements the best, and invest in a long-term solution.

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