How to Prepare for a Deluge of Last-Minute Holiday Requests

Craig Hynd |


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You may be faced with a sudden deluge of last-minute holiday requests as the summer weather arrives.

Great weather often sees employees submit annual leave requests without much notice, so they can take advantage of the sun’s rays before things inevitably return to normal. Also, if employees don’t have much annual leave left – or if they are doubtful that their request will be approved – they may resort to taking dubious sick leave.

As businesses are trying to salvage some good from the mess of the financial disaster that coronavirus has wreaked, a large number of staff suddenly wanting to take holiday is a less-than-ideal situation. Productivity can take a dive and already-fragile operations could grind to a halt.

As a result, many employers may not be able to accommodate the sudden influx of holiday requests.

However, businesses have the power to deny holiday requests if they are inconvenient or there are other suitable reasons.

To help you keep on top of an unexpected flood of holiday or absence requests, the Youmanage Absence & Holidays module offers extensive functionality to effectively record, track, analyse, and report on absences and holidays. Built-in processes ensure consistency and best practice when recording absences for employees, ensuring that everything is recorded accurately.

Employees can easily submit an absence request from within their Self-Service portal, which is then automatically sent to their manager for approval or rejection.

If you’d like to find out more about how Youmanage can help your company deal with absence requests effectively, then get in touch with us today. Or, if you prefer to be more hands-on, you can claim your free 30-day trial, which includes lots of dummy data for you to play around with!

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