How Good Are Your Recruitment Processes?

Craig Hynd |


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It’s vital that your recruitment processes are as efficient and effective as possible, in order to achieve maximum productivity with the best possible results.

To properly evaluate your recruitment processes, there are specific measures you must look at, divided into three categories.


  • How long (in days) does it take for a potential employee to progress from the initial application to receiving an offer?
  • How many hours does a potential employee need to spend to get to their first day at work?


  • How much money does each new employee cost your company?
  • How many hours does a recruiter need to spend to get the potential employee to their first day at work?
  • How many hours do managers and/or senior leaders need to spend to get a potential employee to their first day at work?


  • How do candidates rate your processes?
  • What’s your offer acceptance rate?
  • How well do ratings correspond with ongoing performance scores once candidates are hired, i.e. how effectively is your recruitment process predicting performance?
  • What is the average tenure of your new employees?
  • What is the rate of promotion for new hires versus existing employees?

It’s incredibly important to use the above measures to properly analyse your recruitment processes in order to seek improvement.

Who do you want to hire?

Every company wants to hire the ‘right people’. Yet many organisations are unable to clearly define the requirements that new hires must have to experience future success.

You should begin with a thorough understanding of your company’s corporate strategy, talent strategy, and the overall recruitment strategy. It’s also critical to think about the opportunities and the restrictions that exist within your company’s market.

Whilst traditional recruitment criteria places ‘experience’ as the be-all-end-all, past experience is not a key indicator of whether a new hire will be successful in their role, especially in today’s world which is characterised by constant change and uncertainty.

Candidates that demonstrate their ability to apply their intelligence to new and unexpected circumstances; that have a digital mindset and the determination to deal with change effectively, are most likely to make the most positive and noteworthy contributions to your business.

Do you have the best technology available?

To answer this question, these are some questions you should use to evaluate your technology’s suitability:

  • Are you able to automate manual processes?
  • Are there ways to simplify processes and make everything quicker?
  • Are you able to capture valuable information which can inform development planning for successful candidates?
  • Are you able to improve the quality of recruitment by helping to ensure successful candidates have the skills, knowledge, competencies, and experience required to be successful in the role?

If the answer is “no” to any of the above, then you need to urgently seek a replacement for your HR software or seek a new HR system to enhance your recruitment processes. If you’d like to find out about how Youmanage can help, then get in touch with our team or book your free demo right here.

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