Feature Announcement: Youmanage HR Version 4 is live!

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Yes, the big day is here! We are pleased to announce that the new Version of Youmanage HR software is officially live with all of our wonderful clients, as of today. With the new release, clients enjoy seeing their Youmanage system transformed into this:

Version 4 mobile and tablet view

We always work hard to keep up with the latest trends in technology, and this includes the ever-increasing number of mobile web users. We're retiring the antiquated and cumbersome Microsoft Asp.net WebForms technology, which was originally designed to emulate the traditional desktop experience on the web, and instead, have updated Youmanage to take advantage of Microsofts newest web frameworks.

From top end 4k monitors, all the way to a smartphone, your Youmanage HR system now looks great and performs perfectly from anywhere. We have also added some new and exciting additional features, including:

• create and undertake employee surveys

• configure interim probation reviews by job role

• enhancements to sick pay schemes

Whilst our clients warmly welcome the changes, we ourselves benefit too, as it makes the Youmanage platform even easier and quicker for us to develop greater functional capabilities for clients to take advantage of.

Within Version 4, the main user landing pages provide a more intuitive, engaging and graphical insight into key HR metrics, with drill down capability providing more detailed data views. Clients are able to apply their chosen colour theme and where the optimum colour palette will blend accordingly.

Version 4 laptop view

Not only this, but we are also scheduled to release our brand-new website this week, too, so keep your eyes peeled for some big changes in design – because otherwise, you may be in for a shock… Looking for a new HR system and like what you see? Try Youmanage HR free for 30 days, or better still talk to us and request an online demo of Youmanage HR today.

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Katie is the Marketing Executive here at Youmanage. Within the wider team, she is responsible for managing all aspects of marketing communications, including content and digital strategy, social media, website traffic, prospective client experience and the overall satisfaction of existing Youmanage users.