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We all welcome our newest Team Member, Jason Graham, a Post-Graduate student from Stirling University, to the Youmanage HR Software Development Team.

We approached Dr Mario Kolberg, Senior Lecturer at the University, in search of new talent, where the intention was to offer a paid internship throughout the summer months.

All universities operate in a competitive marketplace for MSc students and employer based MSc projects are seen as attractive to potential students as it helps them to distinguish themselves from other universities.

With guidance and support from ScotGrad during our Graduate search, we were clear in our objective, which was to find a very strong MSc student within the university's Information Technology programme, who had achieved straight 1A grades in all academic modules.

The approach taken has worked very well. We needed additional software developer resource and wanted to assist a local student to complete his dissertation and in a structured way to offer a full-time post following the completion of his course.

Jason performed particularly well during his internship, showing a real focus, resilience and determination on working through his project activities whilst writing up his dissertation.

His project involved him designing and developing our new Absence Planner capability, where the aim was to include his completed work in the live application at the end of his project, or shortly afterwards.

Dr Kolberg commented, "As Jason has completed his project and has submitted his MSc dissertation, I would like to thank you very much for your support and time you spent with myself and Jason during this period. This is very much appreciated! I hope that you as a company have got something useful out of this project and also that Jason, as a future employee, will continue to contribute.

Personally, I think Jason has learned a lot from you during this project, while at the same time has enjoyed the experience.

Projects like yours are very important to us too. If the opportunity exists again, we would be keen to run a project with you again in 2014."

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