Creation of HR Letters by Line Managers

Nick Pye |


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We understand that people managers need ready access to up-to-date information to be naturally effective and to deliver HR and management processes compliantly and consistently.

There are a number of ways that all organisations can reduce HR costs without compromising on management standards.

Devolve the creation of standard letters and forms to line managers

Remove some of the standard day-to-day administration from HR and empower managers to deliver due process at the front line.

This may be controversial in some quarters, but many HR letters and forms follow a standard, consistent format and do not require an expert to produce them.

Managers can easily be given the tools to create standard letters for themselves, for example, an Invitation to a Disciplinary Hearing letter, but in a way that is controlled and governed by pre-formatted templates to ensure that the letters are consistent and comply with company standards, policies, and current employment legislation.

Letters are automatically stored against an individual employee's profile to provide an audit trail, if required.

HR can play an oversight role instead e.g. checking the letter content prior to sending, and can focus more of their time on adding value in situations which are more non-standard and genuinely require expert intervention, and in support of line manager needs.

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Nick has more than 25 years of leadership experience, where he has held a variety of executive positions spanning marketing, business development, HR product strategy and has been CEO of Youmanage since 2010. Nick acquired the Youmanage business in 2010 and led the renewed vision and go-to-market definition of the Youmanage platform for its official re-launch in September 2013. With significant and continued product development, he continues to steer Youmanage as an industry leading cloud HR software provider. Work aside, Nick retains his huge enthusiasm for music in both trumpet and bagpipe playing!