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Existing clients, new clients and prospective clients are all treated exactly the same. If they need Youmanage to be enhanced in some way, then we listen, we design, and we deliver!

Our aim is to provide enviable 'off-the-shelf' functionality, so that clients can use the standard capability options that we make available to them, without the need for expensive consulting time that some systems require to design and build the required functional capability and workflow routines.

We work with all clients to deliver these enhancements, so that existing clients and future clients can benefit from and take advantage of the increased capabilities within the generic and ever expanding Youmanage framework.

A small selection of such client requested enhancements to share with you...

Absence Self-Approval - Investors in People (Scotland)

A new configuration option was added so that clients can now decide which absence types can be automatically approved, or 'self-approved', when requests are submitted via Self Service. When an employee submits an absence, the absence is automatically approved and added to a new data grid called Upcoming Self-Approved Absences. Their manager, and other nominated email recipients, can still receive an email notification, alerting them to the booked absence, but no further action is required by them - useful for companies, like us and IIP Scotland who work within an environment with self-organising teams. Or, when a company wants their CEO, or Directors, or Senior Management Team to be able to take repsonsibility for managing their own absence.

Clients are able to select which group(s) of employees are permitted to self-approve their own absences.

Holiday Cancellation Process - Lookers plc Audi Division

Giving thought to the cost implication of organising 'cover' for an expected holiday absence, it is useful to be able to dictate that certain employees who choose to cancel an already approved holiday, that this should be considered a 'request to cancel' and therefore ought to go through a workflow authorisation process first, similar to requesting absence, rather than the holiday being automatically cancelled.

Clients can choose which group(s) of employees they would like the cancellation authorisation process to apply to.

When an employee cancels a holiday within Youmanage, the status of the holiday will change to ‘Pending Cancellation’ and an email notification will be sent to their Line Manager, or the recipient(s) listed on the pre-configured notification template.

In addition to the manager receiving an email notification of the request to cancel a holiday, a Task will also appear on his/her To-Do List, with the category set to ‘Cancel Holiday’. The manager then has the option to ‘Approve’ the cancellation or ‘Reject’ it, and enter the reason for rejection. Either way, an email will be sent to the employee confirming the decision that their line manager has made.

Sick Pay Profiles - JMW Solicitors

Clients are now able to set up their own configurable Sick Pay (Entitlement) Profiles, which can then be assigned to any employee to dictate how the system behaves and what workflow processes are initiated dependent upon the rules set.

Useful to set the system to track when an employee should be on full pay, or when they should go onto half pay, and to notify the relevant persons eg. payroll/finance.

When a return to work date is recorded, an email notification is sent informing the recipient(s) of the employee’s sickness allowance, the total number of days taken in the entitlement period and the remaining balance.

If an employee is off sick when they exceed the number of days set at either level, an email notification will be sent informing the recipient(s).

This 'entitlement' can also be set to pro-rate for New Starters.

A Standard report is available showing the employee’s name, Sickness Entitlement, Number of Days taken to date and Remaining Balance of Entitlement.

Leaver Process Management - AltoDigital

Similar to our standard capability for New Starters, clients can now configure their own Leaver Checklists, email notifications and letter templates. i.e. what activities need to be undertaken following resignation eg. arrange an exit interview, close down user accounts, collect company property and send a leaving confirmation letter.

Standard Leaver letters are provided within Youmanage, for clients to use, or amend as they might need to, to cater for the different reasns for leaving i.e. resignation, dismissal, redundancy, retirement etc.

Pro-Rating Bank Holidays - Proco Global

Youmanage can now be easily configured by clients to pro rate whichever Bank Holiday profile is recored against an employees' record.

The entitlement calculation and breakdown of how it is derived is published within Youmanage, and visible to the employee via Self-Service too, including any bank holiday adjustments that have been applied. The figures displayed include the employees Base Entitlement, Length of Service and Bank Holidays in Year, pro-rated based on the their Start Date, Leaving/Contract End Date, and/or FTE, which is calculated from their working pattern.

Mandatory Documents Against Training Records - Fast Fix Scaffolding

Any amount of documentation can be uploaded to a training record.

However, for some training courses, a document may be required as evidence that an employee has attended/passed, e.g. First Aid Certificate. Therefore, when setting up the courses in Youmanage, clients can now define which course(s) require a mandatory document to be uploaded against the course.

Clients are able to add the course to the employee’s record without the document, although a task will appear in the manager’s To-Do List, to remind them that a document is required and the task will remain until the document upload has taken place to complete the workflow process.

By default, an email notification will also be sent 1 day after the course is added, to remind the manager that a document is required, although the reminder period can be configured to suit each client.

Configurable Mandatory New Employee Fields - Schools Plus

When adding a new employee, clients can now select which data entry fields should be made mandatory when a user adds a new employee to the system. Useful if your people managers are inputting new starters and you or your finance team need certain information i.e. base payroll information.

Recurring Non-Office Days - CityFibre

For clients using the ‘Non-Office Day’ absence type, it was felt it would be useful to improve this option, by setting up recurring ‘absences’. For example, 'work from home' each Friday, study leave each Tuesday for 10 weeks, etc.

Working similar to a recurring task in Outlook, if a user chooses to delete a Non-Office Day that has been set up as part of a recurrence, they are asked if they want only that one record deleted or the full series of recurrences. And, if the user makes a change to the Reason for ‘absence’ they are asked if the change is to apply to only that one record, or the full series of recurrences.

Clocking in/out - Pole to Win Europe

In conjunction with our Timesheets functionality, we have added a new feature, allowing Self-Service users the ability to clock in and out and their recorded 'clocking' times will automatically populate their timesheet.

When an employee clocks ‘in’, a timesheet record is automatically created and the working time will start to accrue. The employee can clock in and/or out, as many times during the day as required, and Youmanage will total the time ‘in’, to give a total for the whole day.

At the end of the working week, Youmanage will automatically submit the timesheet through the authorisation process(es) set and notifications sent to the relevant recipients.

Clients can also state which IP Addresses are allowed to use the clocking feature, which will stop employees from clocking in on their way into the office, perhaps from a train, or bus or their bed!

To find out more about the Youmanage product & our various different modules, check out our pricing page.

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