5 Key Ways HR Software Protects You From Risk

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How is your current or potential HR Software provider supporting you in your efforts to comply with ever-changing employment and data protection laws? Have you ever considered that your current HR Software functionality is hindering rather than helping you?

Below are five key ways that Youmanage HR Software helps you do things properly and professionally, while helping you to reduce your threat landscape regarding providing access to sensitive employee data.

1. One Centralised System

Holding all of your employee data in Youmanage reduces the risk of human error or data discrepancies which you might currently experience, due to data and information being held and updated by different people on different work stations. Having multiple sources of data and where no audit trails exist on who has access to data may leave you exposed to a data breach and one that is difficult to trace. Our recommendation is that every company should adopt a HRIS that houses all employee data, documentation, HR and management process and reporting requirements within one integrated, easily-accessible portal.

2. Security Features

Youmanage encompasses a range of security features in-app to protect your data. This includes the ability to set up two-factor authentication for nominated users, configuration of an expiry policy on passwords and to decide upon your own password complexity rules. These features clearly allow you an even greater level of control over the security of employee data when used and again, we would urge all organisations to only have a system that is able to incorporate and dictate stricter security when providing access to any HR system data.

3. User Permissions

Youmanage is highly granular in terms of how you can configure what we term as Permission Sets so that any number of different access levels and data restrictions are able to fit with your own individual business needs. You can decide what individual data elements that you would want your employees to see, whether they be HR team members, people managers or employees - for example, you might want the HR team to have sight of salary, benefits or medical conditions, although this isn't necessarily data that you would want your managers to be able to view or amend, if you are intent and serious about your company being wholly compliant with the Data Protection Act 2018 (GDPR).

4. Data Retention, Deletion and Anonymisation

The vast majority of HR software systems have little or no capability in terms of giving clients the tools that they would find eminently useful to determine and control what data is automatically deleted, and when, and what data is retained and for how long.

This is where Youmanage differs hugely - within the core system there is a ground-breaking Data Retention Framework which provides you with the flexibility to ‘plug-in’ your own data retention rules. This means you can decide, based on your own agreed data retention policy rules, when data should be deleted or anonymised. Anonymising your data can be useful as it retains the information for historic reporting purposes, which may help with strategic planning, benchmarking and comparatives, but without this being attributed or referenced to an individual employee.

5. IP Whitelisting

IP whitelisting is a security feature that we introduced some time ago as an feature request we implemented on behalf of a financial services client and it is used for limiting and controlling access only to trusted users via known IP addresses. This allows clients to create lists of trusted IP addresses (or IP address ranges) that dictate the locations in which employees have the ability to connect to the HR system - this clearly has an ability to narrow the scope of potential risks that you are exposed to.

Did you find this article useful? Youmanage is the only HR software that is able to drastically reduce administration costs and control many more risks associated with adherence to employment law - while at the same time minimising the risks of falling foul of data protection obligations, like the GDPR. Download our brochure, request a free online demo or take out a 30-day free trial to find out what Youmanage can do for your business today.

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